Monday, 30 April 2012

Second Post : Main Themes

The main Themes : 1. Siblings first and foremost. To me, the central theme wasn't the abuse Kaeleigh goes through, but the relationship between the two sisters, from disfragmented to unity. Being identical twins can be tough. Finding your own self while others may look at you in the same way is frustrating. Haven't some of use experienced the "I know your sister/brother and expect the same behavior from you?" expectations teachers put on siblings alone? These two characters are so different, especially Raeanne, because of the need for identity as well as perhaps some one upmanship. 2. Dyfunctional families. Mother is absent, father is a drunk, the kids take the brunt of the situation, but they have to keep it all together because of job and community status .

Sunday, 22 April 2012

First post - Comparing Characters

Compare/Contrast two characters : Kayleigh and Raeanne may be twins but they could not be more different. Kayleigh who is abused by her father and in turn abuses her body by binging and then vomiting to deal with this struggles to cope with life. Raeanne can’t deal with not being daddy’s favourite and so uses drugs and sex to deal with the pain